What's New ?
  • Stakeholder meeting at Kochi on 18th Aug 2017 at Hotel Ibis.
  • IISR- Kozhikode is conducting a meeting with its scientists for developing PoP documents for all 4 spices i.e. Chili, cumin, coriander, turmeric.
Simply put, spice farming in India today is not sustainable. Between the indiscriminate use of agrochemicals and the impact of climate change, the farming industry is in a critical state. Soil health is deteriorating. Water resources are depleting and crops are increasingly more contaminated. As a result, farmer livelihoods are suffering from diminishing returns and food safety is a major risk for consumers.

The lack of sustainable sources of Indian spices is now a serious issue. But small and scattered initiatives are unable to provide a permanent and replicable solution to these challenges.
This is where the SSI-I comes in: to bridge the gap between production and profit for the sustainability of the sector. Driving systematic change that leads to long-term positive impact.
Working with a pre-competitive, multi-stakeholder platform, SSI-I addresses the need for sustainable spice production in India. Working towards food-safe, sustainable spices produced at scale for both domestic and export markets – and leading to improved livelihoods, reduced environmental footprints and better health and safety of farmers.
We’re setting the foundation for 25% of all Indian spices to be sustainably grown, verified and traceable by 2025, and to meet global food safety norms.
We’re promoting the market demand for sustainable spices that leads to sustainable productionat field level.
We’re advocating change in policy and enforcement by embedding sustainable spice production in the agricultural extension service framework in India.
We’re facilitating technology-enabled extension services to help farmers make informed decisions based on real-time access to farming practices, weather conditions, alternative methodologies, risk assessments, financial products, and data-based analytics.


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