What's New ?
  • Stakeholder meeting at Kochi on 18th Aug 2017 at Hotel Ibis.
  • IISR- Kozhikode is conducting a meeting with its scientists for developing PoP documents for all 4 spices i.e. Chili, cumin, coriander, turmeric.
What We Do
These eight objectives form the guiding principles of SSI-I and inspire and influence the projects we undertake.
To undertake, promote, foster and aid sustainability in the spices sector in India
Making transparent, credible and traceable sustainable spices a mainstream commodity in the country, and addressing the needs of both the domestic and international market.
To develop and promote a pre-competitive, multi-stakeholder platform
Enabling collaboration and knowledge exchange in Indian spices sustainability.
To secure future sourcing and boost economic growth in Indian spices
Accelerating and upscaling sustainability in the Indian spices sector and coordinating interested companies to a scalable supplier base producing sustainable products.
To encourage, promote, aid, foster and participate in research and development
Innovating in the field of sustainable spices in India, with not-for-profit motive.
To commission and manage field-level engagements for increasing the production and supply of sustainably produced spices
Positively impacting the triple bottom line – People, Planet and Profit.
To leverage the demand for sustainable production in the supply chain
Building a strong public–private coalition of companies, civil society organizations and government, with not-for-profit motive.
To understand and address specific challenges to sustainability in Indian spices cultivation
Initiating dialogues and advocacy with governments, input suppliers and local players on issues including overuse of agrochemicals, farmer livelihoods, farming community development, depleting soil health, degrading water resources, and other risks that require a strategic, inclusive and broader approach from front-runner players in the spices sector.
To generate funds to achieve the objectives of the SSI-India
Involving local and international sources to the extent permitted by the applicable laws.


Bhavit Pant, Program Office SSI-I,
Pramit Chanda, SSI-I Director
Fax : 0124-4418660
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